5 steps to getting the perfect BBQ

5 steps to getting the perfect BBQ

The weather outside is glorious which means there is no better time for al-fresco feasting on delicious barbequed meat. We know that there are some challenges in barbequing from getting it lit to cooking the meat so it has the signature BBQ taste without being raw inside. Here are five tried and tested techniques to nail it. 

  1. Your fuel 

It goes without saying that charcoal is your best bet for that signature smokey barbeque flavour. Skip the standard BBQ briquettes and opt for British-made lumpwood coal (ideally from sustainable coppiced woodland), it will burn quicker and means you don’t have to use synthetic firelighters but will burn with natural firelighters and paper. Start off the BBQ with a generous amount of fresh, clean coal then you shouldn’t need to add more mid-grill. 

  1. Your meat 

The best thing about having the BBQ is the variety of dishes you can eat in one meal, from burgers to chicken thighs there is something for everyone. Choosing premium, restaurant quality meat will give you the best outcome you could hope for. 

  1. Your sides 

Consider the sides when you decide which meat you’re going to serve. Now whilst everyone loves an oven baked potato and a pasta salad there is so much more you can serve up and pair with your meat. How about considering pairing chicken thighs with a zingy Asian slaw or Moroccan spiced lamb with a couscous and feta salad. 

  1. Your cooking 

Don’t feel guilty about using your oven first. With some meat, particularly chicken or large joints of beef it works best to pre-cook your meat in the oven and then bring out to the BBQ to finish off and give that delicious BBQ flavour. 

  1. Don’t pile on the pressure

Barbequing should be fun and a time to experiment with different flavours and cuts of meat. Relax, enjoy the process and don’t worry too much if you burn one of your sausages - there’s always next time!

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