Burns Night

Burns Night

Our Top 15 Burns Night Products

Traditionally celebrated on the 25th of January Burns night is a great way to commemorate all things Scottish, especially Haggis! Scotland is full of delicious traditional foods and drinks, perfect for celebrating Burns night! To help celebrate the life of Robert Burns and all his poetry we have brought together some of our best Haggis & Whisky products to add to your Burns supper! 


Chicken Highlander 


Perfect to have as a main, our Chicken Highlanders are handmade by the team in the butchery. Saving you time and effort but giving you all the flavour for a delicious meal! Containing Traditional Haggis and wrapped in tasty Bacon, these Highlanders are the perfect partner for your neeps and tatties drizzled in our handmade Whisky Cream sauce. Add this delicious haggis stuffed chicken breast to your burns menu, available to order online today! 


Haggis Pudding 


These Mini Haggis Puddings come in a handy 8 Pack, perfect for feeding those little ones! Why not try these chip shop style and batter and fry them, serve with chips to give an authentic Scottish Haggis Supper for those who don’t enjoy Haggis the traditional way, serve with your sauce of choice or dip into our handmade Peppercorn Sauce. Add these mini haggis puddings to your menu this burns night! 


Haggis Slices


Looking to serve up your Burns Breakfast? Haggis slices are great for adding to your traditional fry up, dipping in an egg or squishing it between a roll! But, these slices aren’t just for breakfast, top your burgers, create a delicious chicken stack or fry until crispy to enjoy with traditional neeps and tatties!


Vegetarian Haggis 


Feeding a vegetarian this Burns night? We have a delicious veggie haggis option for you to enjoy this burns night! With all the flavour and same texture but no meat, you can create whatever haggis treats you wish to! Whether it be bonbons, burgers or slices for your breakfast! If you’re looking to grab yourself some vegetarian haggis, we have the perfect alternative for you coming in 2 different sizes! 

Burns Supper 2022

Haggis Bon Bons & Mustard Mayo 


Our handmade bonbons are a delicious haggis starter or perfect for party nibbles, prepared by our team in the kitchen! With a crispy outer shell and a peppery filling, they are perfect when paired with our Mustard mayo! Grab yourself some of these delicious haggis bon bons to enjoy at your celebratory meal! 


Haggis Beef Olives


Traditionally stuffed with oatmeal, our handmade haggis olives are prepared by our team of butchers. Cooked slowly in the oven these melt in the mouth delights are a great alternative to have with your neeps and tatties! No matter how you cook them these haggis stuffed beef olives are perfect for serving with whisky gravy. 


Beef Steak & Haggis Burger


Having a party this burns night? Our handmade steak & haggis burgers are perfect for topping with cheese, lettuce and sauce of your choice! Coming in a handy pack of 4 these burgers are great for feeding the family or stocking up to make sure there’s enough to go around your party! Order our delicious Haggis Burgers online today, they will be with you in time for your celebrations! 


Beef Steak & Haggis Pie


Everyone loves a pie! There is nothing better than a handmade pie, covered in gravy and served with veggies! Our pies are all handmade by the team in our kitchen using quality ingredients so you can toss them in the oven and sit down to a hearty meal! 

 Filled with quality beef steak and haggis this pie is the perfect alternative to burns night main, giving you the traditional haggis encased in a tasty pie crust, the perfect family pie!


Glenshiel Haggis Spice Chocolate 


Have a sweet tooth but looking for the spice of haggis too? Glenshiel has created the perfect chocolate bar that is the ideal mix of chocolate and spices, creating a tasty snack to enjoy after your burns night supper! 

Fancy trying the Scottish flavoured chocolate? Order online today! 


Burns Supper 2022

Aberdeenshire Larder Whisky Fudge 


This handmade fudge is infused with quality Scottish whisky, making the perfect treat to celebrate burns night with! Scottish Fudge is a hard family favourite, flavoured with Scottish whisky and you have a delicious treat! 

Have a nibble on this delicious fudge on burns night! 


Glen Scotia Whisky Cheese


This delicious cheese is a mix of Glen Scotia 15-year-old whisky and fine mature cheddar, this truckle is the ideal Scottish treat to enjoy with oatcakes, crackers or incorporate it into your burns night meal! Containing the finest ingredients this cheese is ideal for celebrating all things Scottish, enjoy a taste of this delicious Whisky Cheese available to order online! 


Laphroaig Whisky Cheese 


Crafted in the Isle of Kintyre, this delicious cheese is the perfect blend of mature cheddar and peaty whisky. Creating a tasty Scottish cheese that is perfect for adding to your cheeseboard, coming in 200g truckles there is enough cheese to go around everyone!  

Why not try adding this Laphroaig Whisky Cheese to your burns night cheese board! 


Springbank Whisky Cheese 


Infused with 10-year-old Springbank Whisky this luxurious mature cheddar is the perfect way to celebrate Burns night. The popular 200g truckle is perfect for pairing with your charcuterie board or enjoying with Scottish oatcakes. 

Enjoy a taste of this delicious Springbank Whisky Cheese


Glenshiel Whisky Selection Chocolates 


Looking for some authentic Scottish chocolates? Glenshiel chocolates have created a delicious selection of Whisky inspired chocolate. Each chocolate is infused with different whisky, ranging from:

Skye Whisky (made with Talisker 10yr Whisky from the Isle of Skye)

Whisky Liqueur (made with Drambuie Isle of Skye liqueur, a whisky flavoured with orange, honey and spices)

 Whisky and Honey (made with Glenlivet founders reserve and Scottish honey)

Whisky and Ginger (made with Jura Whisky)

Speyside Whisky (made with Aberlour 10 yr Whisky)


With a variety of whisky chocolates to choose from you can enjoy the taste of Scotland with each bite. Enjoy the taste of this whisky chocolate here! 


Mearns Marmalade Cranachan Whisky Raspberry Jam


This Raspberry and Whisky jam is inspired by a traditional Scottish dessert, cranachan, enjoy this jam on toast, crumpets or even as a sandwich!  Using Scottish berries and well known Scottish whisky this jam is the perfect way to celebrate burns, enjoy it the traditional way or incorporate it into a dessert! 

Why not try this Homemade Raspberry Jam for your burns night feast! 


What’s on your Burns Night menu? 

Whether you’re going for the more traditional supper or looking to spice things up a bit with a juicy alternative, our Burns Night collection has a variety of delicious foods ranging from starters, mains to tasty desserts and burns inspired snacks!

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