Our Top 10 Festive Tipples!

Top 10 Festive Drinks

What’s your festive Tipple?

We all love celebrating Christmas! What better way to celebrate 2021 than with good food, drink, friends and family! We have covered some of our delicious foods available this year, so we think it’s time to show some appreciation for our top 10 tipples this Christmas! Whether you are looking to stock up for a festive party, pair some alcoholic beverages with your Christmas Dinner or looking for a great gifting idea, we have a variety of whiskies, rums and Gins that are fit for anyone’s taste buds! 

Which Booze is the Best! 

Whether you are sampling some of our traditional and iconic scotch whisky or looking to branch out into our new and upcoming gins and vodkas we have a selection of Scottish Crafted alcohols, plus some delicious rums which are perfect for taking pride in your drinks cabinet. No matter your tastes we have a drink for you and your guests! 


Created in the Highlands, this mysterious distillery has perfect Scottish Gin and Vodka, using local Scottish ingredients such as water from the Cairngorms; these drinks are 100% Scottish and offer you a taste of the highlands! With both drinks coming in beautifully designed bottles they are a Classy addition to any festive party or paired with your Christmas Dinner! 


This award-winning Gin is full of floral notes and lavender, a classic dry gin that can be mixed with quality tonic water and a slice of lime or mixed into a cocktail of your choice for a delicious party drink! A classic gin that will add a touch of elegance to any party! 

Grab a bottle of G.H.Q Gin for your party! 


Winning multiple awards this upcoming Scottish vodka is full of maltiness and notes of cocoa and Vanilla, this modern vodka is perfectly paired with Indian tonics, ginger ales or mixed into a delicious cocktail, creating a delicious dry martini with an olive. 

Grab yourself a bottle of this G.H.Q Vodka to create your martinis! 

Great Glen - 

This new and upcoming distillery may be small but has made a big impact on the Scottish Gin scenery. Situated in the Great Glen Fault line, a dramatic scenery to create a dramatic drink, using only locally sourced ingredients this drink offers those who try it a taste of Scotland. Using the purest water sourced from the Iconic Lochness, these Gins offer not only a delicate flavour but a beautifully crafted Glass too. 

Classic & Pink Gin 

Offering notes of honeysuckle, wild Scottish heather and a hint of Scotch pine, all accentuated by the pure base spirit. This long-lasting flavour is both rewarding and refreshing, paired with a good quality tonic and a slice of lemon peel to bring out the best of the flavour! 

Which one will you be picking? Classic or Pink Gin

Top 10 Festive Drinks

McElegance Whisky 

Inspired by Archibald Dunbar McIntosh. This beautiful designed Speyside Single Malt is finished in Sauterne casks. Sauterne is a fantastic French dessert wine from Bordeaux, well known for being raisiny yet fruity and Bright. Hence the name McElegance, Speyside whiskies are both sophisticated and elegant, making a great addition to a classy meal or evening in front of the fire.

Grab this delicious single malt whisky quick! 

McPink Whisky

McPink is a blended Scotch whisky, but don’t let that put you off. 43.5%, with more alcohol than other whiskies at this price and completely unchill filtered and natural colour. It’s a blend of 15 single malts and 3 wheat whiskies, blended together then marred in a port cask making the whiskies mix well together and take on a wonderful port cask finish.  The Artwork is of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland and France by her marriage to Francois II and designed by Ashley Cook.

Grab this Beautifully designed Blended Scotch Whisky and treat yourself! 

McPeat Whisky 

This Single Malt Highland Peated Whisky is finished in Bourbon Barrel giving it a subtly peaty flavour, giving off the spirit of Scotland's highlands to those who drink it. Giving you all the flavours you would look for in a peaty whisky this single malt offers a super smokey, salty flavour with hints of flowering heather. Inspired by Scotland’s flora, fauna and all things that form the land this decorative bottle is both beautiful tasting and the perfect addition to any drinks cabinet. With the artwork being done by Murray Robertson. 

If you want a taste of the Scottish Highlands this Peaty Single Malt is for you. 

Top 10 Festive Drinks

Migaki Old Matured Barley Shochu

A Japanese whisky, this delicious whisky is distilled in Komasa. The distillery is located in the most southern point of the Southern Island of Japan, The business was started in 1883 by Ichisuke Komasa. In 1905 Komasa was awarded their distillation licence. Komasa has a capacity of 5.4 million litres of alcohol for producing their traditional spirit known as shochu, which is very similar to grain whisky production in Scotland with the exception that it is a single distillation.

Komasa was the first distillery in Japan to start maturing shochu in barrels back in 1957. 

Even today it is only 3% of their total production.

Why not try a bottle of this Authentic Japanese whisky

Damoiseau Arranges Rum 

Created in Guadeloupe’s Grande-Terre, Damoiseau Arranges Rum keeping their supply chain local they are the backbone for the local economy. These delicious tasting rums are handcrafted, with each piece of fruit being placed by hand into the bottles. First crafted by using local sugar cane and yeast, this rum is then left for 45 days after bottling for the fresh fruits to infuse the rum. Creating delicious floral and fresh notes to be enjoyed by anyone! 

A little tip from our specialist is to encourage people to use the fruit as a garnish or to take it out and blend it up to use in a cocktail such as a Bellini! 

Coming in 3 different flavours, which one are you going to pick? 

Which Drinks will you be picking? 

No matter your taste, we have a variety of drinks that are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic that are perfect for Christmas dinner, parties or even just while you are resting from all the food you have eaten! To view more delicious festive drinks visit the Christmas Drink section of our website.

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