Our Top 12 Party Foods!

Our Top 12 Party Foods!


Make your Party a night to remember!  

Party food can either make or break a night, the nibbles play a big part in an evening! Good food and good company tend to be the perfect equation for the perfect night. We all love a good nibble, making sure to pick the perfect sized nibbles can really make a difference too! We have created the perfect list of party nibbles and some tipples too, so you only have to worry about your guest list for your festive party this year! 

Our Top Party foods! 

We have been busy this year preparing the perfect nibbles for your party! Easy to cook and delicious these nibbles have been created to take the party stress away and let you enjoy your evening! Take a look below for our top 12 party foods to spread across your dinner table! 

Small Pie, Big on Flavour! 

We all enjoy love a pie! No matter the filling, everyone has their favourite. Here at the Larder, all our mini pies are handmade in small batches, meaning they are fresh and full of flavour. Coming in packs of 6 these pies are perfect for placing on the table warm or cold for your guests to enjoy at your festive party. With a variety of flavours to choose from such as Steak, mince, macaroni and chicken these pies are perfect for any tastebuds! Even vegetarians can dig into our macaroni pies and enjoy the flavour without worrying! 

Why not stock up on a few flavours to add some variety to your evening? Grab a pack here! 

Sausage Rolls

Same as a pie, sausage rolls are the ultimate classic in British party food. The party staple, these sausage rolls are all handmade by our team in the kitchen in small batches, tried and tested throughout our team in the office these tasty delights are full of flavour and filling! Sold individually and in handy packs of 6, these sausage rolls are a must-have at your evening and will always find a space on the table! Take a look at our variety of flavours too and see which ones take your fancy! 

Stock up on our sausage rolls here, and make sure your guests are well fed! 

Mini Quiche

Quiche, you can either love it or hate it! No matter your preference these mini delights will be a hit at any party! The perfect nibble size and packed with quality ingredients these quiche’s are to be loved by everyone! These 6 mini quiches contain cheese, ham and red onion marmalade they are packed full of mouth-watering flavour, despite being a breakfast designed food this dish can be enjoyed morning, lunch and throughout the evening! 

To grab a 6 pack of these mini delights click here!

Handmade Pork Pies

Pork pies are the traditionally British pie that can make its way onto anyone’s table, whether it be for a picnic, party or evening nibbles. Our kitchen chefs have been working hard at perfecting the perfect pork pie, coming in classic pork and new pork and venison, our pies are the perfect addition to your table. Pair with some piccalilli to bring out and compliment the flavours of the pie for the ultimate pork pie experience. These handy pies are sold individually so you can decide on how many you need for your party to avoid piles of leftovers! 

Grab our traditional handmade pork pies here! To try our venison ones click here!

Haggis Bonbons

Haggis Bon Bons

There is nothing better than Scottish haggis, being our national dish haggis is much loved throughout the country and has even been recognised around the world. This delicious pudding has been handmade by our chefs in the kitchen into a crunchy bonbon. The best way to enjoy this crunchy treat is to drizzle it in the mustard mayo provided, containing 12 bonbons they are the perfect delicious finger food for a party or enjoy as a starter for your Christmas supper. So, why not enjoy Scotland’s national dish a little differently from normal and grab a pack of 12 here! 

Brie & Cranberry Filo Crackers 

Feeling the festive cheer these delicate little crackers are ideal for popping in the oven to heat up and melt the creamy brie, paired with cranberry sauce these crackers are packed full of delicious flavour that is guaranteed to make your mouth water when they pop! Dip them in any sauce of your choice but we love topping up with some extra cranberry sauce. Perfect for vegetarians these crackers are deliciously crispy and like the bonbons, the ideal finger food for any festive party or enjoy as a tasty starter for your dinner! With each pack containing 8 crackers, you can stock up and scatter your table with them.  

Grab a pack here! 

Mozzarella Sticks 

There is nothing more satisfying than a goey mozzarella stick! These finger food delicacies are every cheese lovers dream all wrapped up in panko breadcrumbs! Handmade by our chefs and personally taste-tested, I can assure you they will make your evening extra special. All you have to do it toss these golden treats in the oven to warm up and do their magic, pair with a variety of sauces or fresh homemade salsa to compliment the flavour. Coming in packs of 4 you will want to make sure to stock up on them, as soon as they are out of the oven they will be gone! 

To stock up on these goey delights click here! 

Continental Cheese Pack 

Another one for all the cheese lovers out there! Containing a variety of cheese this pack has all you need from delicious cheese, locally baked crackers and oatcakes and even dried fruit to bring out the flavour of each cheese and make your tastebuds do the tango! Coming in a handy pack with all the cheeses, makes it perfect for opening up and creating a delicious and pretty display on your table. Enjoy with a glass of wine and get socialising! 

Grab our Continental cheese pack here! 

Handmade Coleslaw 

Not exactly finger food, but if it is a buffet table you are aiming for you can't have a spread without the classics. Our homemade coleslaw is creamy and the perfect addition, using only high-quality ingredients our chefs in the kitchen make our tubs up in small batches. Coming in a handy resealable tub, our coleslaw won’t dry out whilst sat on the table. Order the delicious creamy coleslaw that you can pass of as homemade here! (shh, we won’t tell if you do) 

Handmade Potato Salad

Potatoes have the ability to be served in a variety of ways and still impress any table! Handmade by our chefs in our kitchen this pot of potato salad packs a punch of flavour and goes with anything. Like the coleslaw coming in a handy resealable tub, this potato salad can be packed up after the party and enjoyed another time, that is if there is any left! Grab a tub here!



No party is complete without delicious sweet treats afterwards! Cheesecake is delicious no matter the flavour, with our single servings coming in 3 flavours of lemon, biscoff and biscoff and baileys these single-serving cheesecakes are ideal for any tastebud and handy for carrying around while you eat them. Make sure to stock up on all the flavours:

Larch Cupcake Bouquets

Everyone loves a cupcake! These beautiful homemade cupcake bouquets are made by one of our former employees to suit any occasion, she created her own business Larch during the pandemic and they have flown out the door! We are proud to support her and also taste test when we need to! Whether you need them for a birthday party, halloween, Christmas or as a housewarming these cupcakes are the perfect edible table decor. With a variety of flavours and sizes available make sure to grab your party bouquet now! 

Coming in 3 sizes and a variety of colours make sure to grab yours edible decorations here! If you have a special occasion coming up then be sure to message her on her facebook page here! 


To take a look at the rest of our Quality food click here! 

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