Top 10 Tips For The Best Burger | Best Burger Guide

Top 10 Tips For The Best Burger | Best Burger Guide

Want to upgrade your burger? Follow our simple steps for making the BEST burgers at home. The humble burger is always there for you whether you’re firing up the BBQ or looking for an easy midweek meal. Whichever way you choose to eat your burger, with our top tips they’ll always hit the spot!

After speaking to our expert in-house Chefs and Butchers at Aberdeenshire Larder we’ve rounded up our Top 10 Tips for the Best Burgers. All of our tips are accessible and put together with at-home cooks in mind. 


1. Salt & Pepper.

Season season season. Our Head Chef says seasoning her burger is her number one tip for getting the perfect grill. Season liberally, by taking a larger pinch of salt and holding it high above the burgers so that the salt falls evenly. For extra flavour add freshly ground black pepper from whole peppercorns!


2. Temperature.

Temperature is important before and while cooking your burger. Unlike other meats you want your burger patties to be COLD before you cook them. So, there is no need to bring the burgers up to room temperature. Keeping the burgers cold makes sure the precious fats (flavour) stay firmly inside the meat.

While cooking your burger you want a HOT grill. Try to keep your grill consistently hot. We love cooking on a BBQ for extra smoky flavour but even in a hot pan in the kitchen, you can achieve the perfect burger sear. 


3. Moving While Cooking. 

This one is controversial but we believe it's okay to flip your burger around a few times. However, it’s important to give your burger enough time to sear property on its first contact with the grill (on both sides). 


4. DON’T Press the Burger. 

Don’t press the burger while it’s cooking. Our chefs are experts at cooking burgers and they couldn’t stress this one enough. Pressing the burger squeezes out all the flavoursome juices that make a delicious juicy burger. Whether you’re on the BBQ or over the stove resist the urger to push down on your burger. 


5. Let it rest.

While cooking your burger the juicy collects are the surface. It's important to let the burger rest so that the juicy can settle back into the patty. This ensures a moist burger all the way through. Our chefs recommend letting the burger rest for 5 mins with juice redistributes. 


6. Experiment with Cheese.

We don't want to sound cheesy but have fun with your cheese! Experimenting with different cheeses can lead to some *eureka* moments when you find the perfect cheese for the perfect burger flavour. At Aberdeenshire Larder we have a wide range of cheeses perfect for topping your burger from favoured cheddars to soft Scottish mozzarella and creamy brie.


7. Soft Buns. 

Is there anything worse than eating a beautiful juicy burger on a hard bun? Once you’ve made the effort to cook your burger as beautifully as possible you should treat it right! We recommend opting for a brioche bun to add a little sweetness or an Aberdeenshire softie for a soft fluffy bun. Check out our bun range here


8. Toast your Buns.

My personal favourite tip! You can toast your buns on the BBQ grill, in a pan over the stove or in the oven on the grill setting. By toasting your bun you make a barrier for any juice trying to escape your burger so that you don't end up with a soggy bottom! Keep your buns soft and your burger juicy. 


9. Top It!

To make the BEST burger we love topping our burger patty with… anything. Anything and everything that you love can go on a burger. Some of our favourites are bacon and traditional black pudding. Top with these meats for a luxurious salty spark to your burger. We’d also recommend adding a fresh summer slaw. Our chef-prepared coleslaw adds a little crunch and coolness, complimenting all the rich flavours.


10. Get Saucy…

Whether you’re a ketchup or Mayo lover get that sauce on your burger. Like it spicy? Try Chipotle Ketchup or Handmade Chilli Jam for a spicy but sweet tang. Or have it all with a burger sauce! Mix your favourite mayo, ketchup and spicy sauce for a smooth sweet sauce that compliments any burger. 

Now we hope that you feel ready to get out and enjoy the summer sun with a juicy burger in your hand! Check out our new summer burger range for delicious NEW flavours such as Korean BBQ Venison Burger, Sticky Maple Pork (Gluten Free) Burger and our Chicken Sundried Tomato & Homemade Tomato Jam Burger. These burgers are prepared fresh every day by our butchers in Ellon, Aberdeenshire. Available all summer long online and in-store. 

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