Unravel Sunrise Breakfast Blend Tea


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Unravel Sunrise Breakfast Blend Tea

50g Loose Leaf

A malty Assam tea has been expertly blended with Ceylon leaves to create a harmonious breakfast blend that Unravel refer to as 'every day', but that we think is anything but!

With a slight pepper bite native to Ceylon, the Assam brings a malty smooth harmony to the cup.  Produced in 2020, both these teas come together to produce a well rounded cup of tea.  This blend is robust enough to add your choice of milk to also, but smooth and enjoyable solo.

How to brew:

Use one single teaspoon per cup required. Infusers are an excellent choice as they offer space for the tea leaves to fully unravel.  

These tea leaves are high quality, which means you can get 2 cups of tea out of one serving of leaves. Sometimes 3 cups, depending how strong you like your tea!

About Unravel Tea:
Based in Aberdeen, Unravel Tea was established by the lovely Donna when after travelling in China and tasting the authentic teas there, she couldn't find the same quality of teas on her return to Scotland.

Donna was intrigued by the ceremony of Gong Fu Cha (Chinese Tea Ceremony) almost as much as the tea itself and her beautiful teas lend themselves to taking time for oneself and creating your own tea experience at home.

Donna sources all of her tea directly from Asia & Africa and even 13 years after stepping in to the little tea shop in Hunan province, she explains, "Every day continues to be a learning curve, but I only ever sell what meets my (self-confessed) tea snob standards.".