Pommery de Meaux Mustard


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500g. Sold Each

Pommery wholegrain mustard is known all over the world for being one of the finest wholegrain mustards ever made, with recipe remaining unchanged since 1632. Well-balanced with a rich, nutty flavour, this wholegrain mustard is the perfect partner for ham, beef and chicken.

Moutarde de Meaux are regarded as one of the world’s great moutardiers and their award-winning Pommery mustards are a favourite of professional chefs. All of their mustards are packed in traditional stoneware jars, stoppered with cork and sealed with wax in the traditional way, which ensure the mustard tastes fresher for longer.  The seal requires car when opening. 

Once opened, serve a condiment .  Perfect with any kind of steak or use the wholegrain mustard in a salad dressing or sauce.