Gran Luchito Burrito Wraps (360g)


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160g per pack.

About Gran Luchito:

Gran Luchito are hugely passionate about bringing the authentic taste of Mexico to your kitchen!

Established by Fergus, who discovered Mexican food while travelling there, Gran Luchito uses only the highest quality authentic ingredients from Mexican suppliers and recipes that people have enjoyed for generations.  

From the start Gran Luchito has stood for challenging the status quo with a fighting spirit to bring you real, authentic Mexican. It’s in their name after all, as Gran Luchito translated means ‘Great Little Fighter’!

How to Serve:

In Mexico a burrito is the name given to a rolled up wheat tortilla. You will find burritos in all shapes and sizes from a roadside burrito in Chihuahua to a tasty breakfast burrito in Puebla.

The options are endless with our large Burrito Wraps!

Warm the Burrito Wrap, fill with your favourite fillings and toppings and then simply roll and enjoy!  Also perfect for making pulled pork quesadillas and wrapping up melty Enchiladas!