Mearn’s Marmalades Crab Apple Butter for Cheese


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This Mearns Crab Apple Butter is a delicious partner for cheese and biscuits. A perfect companion for your cheeseboard this festive season! Hurry to get a taste before it's gone!  

About Mearns Marmalades:
Lovingly made by Jay Greengrass in her Howe o’ the Mearns kitchen, Jay describes her business as, "me, a very sharp knife, old-fashioned techniques rather than semi-industrial equipment; perfect fruit; painstaking preparation; lots of sugar, and little, careful batches".
Ingredients are sourced as locally as possible because low food miles and seasonality are important to the preserves’ quality as well as the environment. Jay says that she's lucky enough to have on her doorstep the very best berries in Scotland and a wonderful whisky distillery. The soft Scottish water is perfect for jelly flavour, and the sheer range of fruit, berries and vegetables are grown in the local area is fantastic.
We agree with Jay - you can literally taste the freshness in each jar!
Available to order online today! 
  • Mearns Crab Apple Butter
  • 125g 
  • Available to order online today.