Ovenbird Dead Poets Society Blend Ground Coffee


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Ovenbird Dead Poets Society Blend Ground Coffee


Dead Poets Society Blend is a sweet and thought-provoking medium roast, carefully crafted from a blend of Guatemala Les Nubes and Rwanda Ngoma coffees. The flavour profile is reminiscent of lightly toasted marshmallow combined with sweet, subtle florals and fleeting hints of caramel. If you take a sip and pause for long enough you may even catch a moment of inspiration.
Notes: milk chocolate, hazelnuts, raisins

About Ovenbird Coffee Roasters:

Ovenbird Coffee Roasters, based in Glasgow, aim to provide artisan coffee that is accessible and approachable and want their coffee to taste great in all environments; from state-of-the-art espresso machines to simple homebrew devices. To achieve this, Ovenbird use a mix of traditional methods and progressive ideas.  Davide, the founder of Ovenbird explains, "We roast without computers. We experiment with new and exciting flavour profiles. More 'bright' than 'big'. More taste than strength. More natural than instagrammable (though we are suckers for a photogenic cup). We also make some cracking whisky coffee. We test each batch by using our senses (mostly by taste) sometimes once, sometimes ten times. It has to be meticulous, of course".

The beans are ethically sourced from farms in east Africa and Central-South America, where growers who share Ovenbird's enthusiasm are selected to build long-lasting relationships.

Ovenbird began with a shared idea: to make outstanding coffee for outstanding people.