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1kg Prime Steak Mince, 4 x 4oz Steak Burgers, 1kg Pork Sausage 12's, 1 x Steak pie round, 1 X 600g Chicken Breast Strips, 1kg Beef and Onion Meatballs, 5 x 5oz Gammon Steaks, 400g Unsmoked Back Bacon, 2 x 2 Pack Amity Haddock Fillets, 1 x Ythan Bakery White Bread, 1 x 2 litre Whole Milk, 1 x 2 Litre Semi-skimmed Milk, 30 Eggs, 500g Grahams spreadable butter, 2kg of Potatoes, 1kg Leeks, 1Kg Carrots, 1kg Onions, 1 x Turnip, 250g mushrooms, 1 x Fruit box