Our Top 5 Haggis Dishes

Top 5 Haggis Dishes

How are you Celebrating St Andrews Day?

St Andrew's Day on the 30th of November is fast approaching and being one of the most important dates on the Scottish calendar, it gives us all a fantastic opportunity to celebrate Scotland's favourite dishes! On the feast day of Andrew the Apostle, Andrew became a Saint to declare the independence of Scotland, which is celebrated every year since this special day celebrates Scottish food and drink! 

Traditionally St Andrews is celebrated with food, drink, recitations, dancing, and Scotch broth is the soup of choice, enjoy our delicious handmade soup as a filling starter! For mains, there is no better way to commemorate Scottish Food, drink and heritage than with National Scottish Cuisine, Haggis! 

 Here are some of our favourite ways you can enjoy our National dish:

Here at the Larder, we love creating new dishes and experimenting with food to find the perfect match! Our Chef’s and Butchers at the larder have been hard at work over the years creating taste testers for us in the office to try. After many tasting sessions, we have the top Haggis products which are guaranteed to go down a treat with any guest and the tasty way to celebrate your St Andrews meal or party!

Top 5 Haggis Dishes

Haggis Stuffing

 Despite being delicious on its own, haggis is great to use as a stuffing. Our Chicken Highlander is a chicken breast fillet stuffed with traditional haggis and wrapped in bacon, a delicious main for any party.  These can be baked in a moderate oven, pan-fried (one of our favourite ways as it makes the bacon crispy) or are deliciously moist in the slow cooker.  We love pairing them with some of our Chef's Handmade Whisky Cream Sauce, vegetables and some potatoes for a quick, yet mouthwatering meal.

A traditional main, beef olives have been enjoyed at dinner times for many years! Our Haggis Beef Olives are stuffed with our delicious Scottish Haggis and are the ideal way to enjoy St Andrews Day. Sear in a pan and slow cook in the oven for tender olives and enjoy with whisky gravy and fresh vegetables and mash potatoes.  

Haggis Burgers

Our Haggis and Beef Steak Burgers are a tasty mix of premium Beef Chuck Steak and spicy haggis, making great party food. The best way to finish off a burger is to perfect the toppings and the delicious bun it’s squished in!  Our serving suggestion is to top with one of our Scottish cheeses such as Arran Blue or some of our Peppercorn sauce, then serve on a delicious Ythan Bakery softie. These are great washed down with one of our Scottish craft beers. Coming in 2 handy packs you can buy as little or as many as you need for your St Andrew Feast. 

Haggis Spice Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate, so if you have a sweet tooth but love the spicy Haggis kick, you might like to try one of our new bars from Chocolates of Glenshiel, on the West Coast of Scotland.  The talented Glenshiel chocolatiers have created a tasty blend of spices and Scottish Sea Salt in their Haggis Spiced Chocolate that gives a warm chocolatey kick that we promise won't disappoint!

Top 5 Haggis Dishes

Haggis Bon Bons

What’s better than delicious Scottish Haggis rolled into a ball and coated in breadcrumbs, Our Haggis Bon Bons are handmade by our chefs in our kitchens at Ellon.  They can be a tasty starter, or delicious as a warm party food option.       Serve with the mustard mayo supplied in the pack or some sweet chilli dipping sauce and enjoy the crunchy Haggis balls! 

Scottish Wild Venison Haggis

Scottish Wild Venison is a deliciously rich meat, with years of running the wild Scottish hills this meat hasn’t been bred and developed making it healthy meat!  We love the peppery warmth of haggis, neeps and tatties on a cold November St. Andrew's Day or any day of the year, especially with a good dash of Chef's Handmade Peppercorn Sauce.  A couple of years ago we began making Scottish Wild Venison Haggis and have perfected the recipe - it's a great alternative to traditional Beef Haggis, made with only prime cuts.

View our other Haggis Products! 

Looking for more Haggis products? We have a few tricks and treats up our sleeves here at the larder, whether you fancy plain traditional Haggis to enjoy with whisky sauce and neeps or have to feed a vegetarian we have all the Haggis and Haggis alternatives available online today!

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