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When it comes to delicious spirits there’s nothing better than sitting down with a nice glass of Gin and Tonic or lemonade if you prefer something sweet! Or if you’re living up on a Friday night then a vodka mixer is a wild way to liven the night up. Here in Scotland, we know how to enjoy ourselves and create something special at the same time. Whisky is the top spirit we are known for but the new upcoming spirits are Gin and Vodka. One we know how to do in Scotland is creating delicious food and drink, whether it be our Haggis, Black Pudding or Whisky and Gin.

Why Scottish Gin & Vodka?

Despite Scotland's famous spirit being Whisky, we produce around 70% of the UK’s Gin production, ranging from Hendrix, Gordons to more local famous Gins such as Edinburgh Gin and local distilleries. With pure Scottish water and quality botanicals, Scottish Gin is by far the best in flavour.
The next upcoming spirit that seems to be making a stellar rise in Scottish Vodka, made with the finest ingredients, is starting to make up at least 35% of Scotland's spirit intake. Making a grand entrance to the world of vodka!

Our Local Spirits

Here at Aberdeenshire Larder, we take pride in helping local producers, whether it’s from Lamb, Pork to Cheese, Beer and Spirits! We enjoy knowing that we are supporting the local community and as the saying goes when you buy local you make a family do a little happy dance!
We have 5 new spirits in stock and are waiting for you to have a tipple and enjoy the taste of Scotland! Coming from two distilleries G.H.Q spirits distilled deep in the Scottish highlands and Great Glen Distillery the newest and smallest craft gin distillery making a big kick in the market.
Scottish Spirits

G.H.Q Spirits

Set in the highlands these multi-award-winning spirits are making a debut here at the larder, with their Vodka picking up two Golds from the London Spirit competition and International Drink Specialists and a Bronze in the IWSC. Their spirits are distilled in the Cairngorms, making 400 units per batch so you know what you're drinking is a limited taste with a special quality.

G.H.Q Vodka

This award-winning vodka provides all the flavour needed, meaning you don’t need a bold mixer to take anything away from this delicious spirit. Coming with a touch of maltiness this vodka offers hints of vanilla, cocoa powder with some herbal elements to make this Vodka very modern and pair with Indian and Mediterranean Tonics or Ginger ales to compliment the Vodka.
To try G.H.Q’s Vodka click here!

G.H.Q Gin

If you are looking for a Gin to wow at your special occasion or add to your date night, this classic dry gin paired with bitter lemon or Mediterranean tonic offers subtle floral notes with lemon and lavender. Providing bold flavour this dry gin is long-lasting and refreshing. This flavoursome Highland Gin comes in a beautiful bottle perfect for displaying in your cabinet.
To try this bold Gin click here!
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Great Glen Gin

Being relatively new on the market Great Glen, their gins are labelled as a love letter to nature. Their earthy Gins aim to give you the taste of the Scottish Hills with water directly sourced from Loch Ness, whether you are enjoying it by a loch on a summer's evening or in front of the fire their Gin is the ideal companion for an evening.
Coming in two flavours Pink and classic this Gin aims to play on anyone’s taste buds! The pink gin has subtle honeysuckle notes with tones of Scottish Heather and pine. While the classic gin offers deep lasting flavour is pair with a delicious Tonic, lemonade or any mixer of your choice.
To try Great Glen Pink Gin click here, or look for something more classic then click here

Which one will you pick?

Everyone has different tastes, which is why we are stocking a variety of Gins. So no matter your taste buds one of our Local Scottish Spirits is perfect for you or if you feel like giving a gift then these spirits are for you! 

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