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Our Top 5 Ready Meals 

Life can sometimes get a bit hectic, can’t it? Time runs away from you and suddenly you are left with no time to cook but you are so hungry. Don’t worry we have all been there! 
Choosing a healthy ready meal that doesn’t cost a fortune can be a bit of a minefield, to help you out we have picked our top 5 healthy ready meals that are perfect for grabbing on the go whether it be lunch or dinner. Full of quality ingredients and handmade in our kitchen, these ready meals can be delivered to your doorstep throughout the UK! 

Can Ready Meals be Healthy?

Despite common misbelief, some ready meals can be healthy! During the research, it was discovered that the UK are at the top when it comes to creating ready meals that contain less salt, saturated fats and more nutrients compared to their counterparts in other countries. As ready meals are portioned out too it makes it easier than home cooking to portion things up. 
Our ready meals are all made by our chefs in the kitchen, using quality ingredients and handmade with the care, full of flavour but without the added time and dishes! it is like having a home-cooked meal delivered to you so you don't have to waste time going to the shops and scanning for healthy ready meals.

Why our ready meals? 

All our ready meals are handmade by our team of chefs in the kitchen. Made from only high quality ingredients, we make sure that every portion is full of nutrients and all the good stuff you have from a home cooked meal. Whether it be out Chicken Curry, Traditional Chicken Curry, Cheesy Mac ‘N’ Cheese or our Beef Lasagne, no matter which one you pick you know you are getting a high quality meal delivered to your door with no funny business and full of all the flavour you can ask for from a ready meal!

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Chicken Curry 

Chicken Curry is Britain's national dish, with a variety of flavours to choose from we can never get enough of the classic traditional curry, but cooking a curry from scratch can take time and a long list of ingredients and buying from a takeaway can sometimes be expensive. Our Chef’s prepared Chicken Curry is full of flavour and the perfect mix of spices this curry is ideal for popping in the microwave after a long day at work and enjoying with some rice in front of the TV or with a good book.  
To try this delicious curry click here! 

Beef Lasagne 

The Italian favourite is a regular meal on our British tables. Originating from Naples this dish has been on our minds since the 14th-Century! Taking a little longer to cook than some of us have the time for on an evening and list of pots needed, we decided to take the hassle away from you! Our chefs in the kitchen have cooked this delicious layer of pasta sauce and mince from scratch with love, so you can heat it up and enjoy it next to a rocket salad and some garlic bread!  
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Homemade Giant Couscous Chicken Grilled Veg

If you feel like having something light maybe for lunch or a light dinner then our Chefs prepared Giant Couscous with Grilled Chicken is ideal for you. Our giant couscous is double the size of your normal grain, semolina based this protein and mineral packed wonder is healthier than rice and just as filling. Topped with our mediterranean grilled vegetables to give it those extra flavour factors and lean chicken breast this ready meals is one of our favourite on the go meals. Eat it cold as a side or on its own with a side salad, the options for this dish are endless. 

Grab this delicious dish here!

Macaroni Cheese 

A favourite dish amongst any table there is nothing better than a dish of Macaroni cheese to heat you up on the cooler nights. Originally from Northern Europe, this dish has been much loved since 1769! When eaten in moderation pasta can be an ideal part of the diet pair it with the perfect mix of cheese and this dish is set to both fill you up and satisfy your taste buds. As an added twist we now have an option with bacon! Yes, Bacon! To make all things macaroni just that extra touch special! Personally eating this dish with a side of garlic bread can make an evening. 
Available for delivery nationwide, try our chefs prepared macaroni here!
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Mince & Tatties 

Another Scottish classic, originally coming from the Cornish county of Jamaica this dish has been in Scotland since the 1800s and has been loved ever since. Made with high-quality beef mince and the finest potatoes you’ll find out there this dish covered in gravy is sure to warm your heart and put a smile on your face! To make it that touch extra special we also added Mealie pudding for all those who asked, a traditional oatmeal pudding full of flavour! 
Available for delivery Nationwide, let us put a smile on your face with this dish here. 

In conclusion... 

Ready meals can be classed as unhealthy, especially when they are filled with additives and enough preservatives to keep them fresh until 2030, but there are a variety of meals that have been prepared by hand that are just as healthy as your home-cooked meals! It’s all about balance in life, so when you’re running around after the kids of hopping from one meeting to another you can rest easy knowing you are eating a ready meal that is both healthy and full of nutrients!

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