Top 5 Scottish Foods | Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight

Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight

Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight 

What is Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight?

Scottish food & drink Fortnight is celebrated between the 5th and 20th of September to help inspire and remind everyone of the amazing food and drink produced locally! It is also a way to help celebrate the hard work put in by the industry during the recent hard times. Scottish food and drink is widely loved throughout both the uk and worldwide. Whether it's our rich whisky, with its smooth golden tones and hints of oak and honey, Haggis drizzled in a whisky sauce with neep's or Black pudding roll in a morning topped with an egg. Food is something we know how to do well and lots of it too! Supporting local Scottish food is something we take pride in here at the Larder, providing quality local foods and drinks! 

How do I celebrate Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight? 

The best way to celebrate is to promote and show all the local producers and traditional Scottish foods we know and love! Show us how you like to cook up a storm with them and pair them with your tipple of choice. To help you get started creating your fortnightly feast we have created a list of the top 5 local foods and how to wow your dinner guests, Plus our top 5 drinks produced only stones throw away from our base in Ellon which are sure to go down a treat during any occasion! Enjoy a taste of Scotland!

Why Scottish Food & Drink? 

When it comes to food we like rich, hearty and wholesome meals, full of flavour and high quality local ingredients and fresh produce raised in our beautiful countryside! We value some of our Scottish produce so much that they have been designated Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) by the European Union. These foods must be produced in a specific area to be able to make use of the regional name, so you know when you eat Scottish you are eating high quality and local! 
When it comes to drink we produce the best whisky in the world, with more than 40 bottles shipped overseas every second there is no taste that can beat it! Being our national drink, whisky can be paired with pretty much any dish either as a drink or incorporated into the dish to add something extra special! If whisky isn’t for you then our up and coming craft beers, gins and hard seltzers we have plenty of drinks to suit your taste!
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Our Top 5 Foods & Drink 

Here at Aberdeenshire Larder we have paired with various local suppliers and stock their delicious produce including our own! Ranging from land to sea the options of tasty recipes are endless. Find our top 5 Foods & Drinks below, all available to buy online and delivered to your home or holiday home to enjoy! 

Scotch PGI Lamb 

Born, bred and raised in the idyllic scenery or cairngorms our Scotch PGI Lamb come from our farmer Bobby at Glebe Farm, supplying us with round the year quality lamb which is quality assured and full of flavour, coming in a variety of cuts we have all you need for your recipe. When buying anything with a Scotch PGI label you know you are supporting local farmers and families in your local area or country which helps keep the local meat industry strong.
A delicious hearty recipe to try with our Lamb is the classic Lamb and Ale casserole, using a fine quality Ale like Brew Toon Loose Cannon American IPA and serving on top of mashed potatoes and you have a tasty autumnal dinner. The leftovers are ideal for lunches the next day to keep your loved ones warm as the days start to get cooler. 


Enjoy the taste of the wild with our venison, we never take any farmed venison in so whether you're roasting, frying or eating a slice of venison salami on your charcuterie board you know it has spent its life roaming the beautiful hills of Scotland. 
We sell two varieties of Venison- Red and Roe. The two are very different when it comes to flavour. Roe has been described as the Rolls Royce of the venison industry, a dark meat which is strong in flavour and needs to be cooked delicately to get the best out of it. On the other hand our Red venison is purely wild, most red venison you find in the supermarkets is farmed, this meat is full of flavour and not too strong making it a more suitable meat for those who sway away from the gamier meats. 
There are many ways you can cook venison: a nice steak with a glass of red wine, a hearty stew or one of our favourites for this time of year is a Venison Wellington using our strip-loins, so tender you can compare it to a beef fillet, matched with some root vegetables and pair the dish with a cool glass of  Orkney Dark Island Reserve to match the earthy tones of our wild venison. 
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Haggis & Puddings

Being our National dish Haggis is widely loved and versatile when it comes to the kitchen, the recipe options are endless! Rich in vitamins, protein and packed full of flavour Haggis is something we can’t live without here at the Larder, pack it into a breakfast bap, stuff a chicken breast with it or have it with its traditional partners neeps & tatties. We also have a few other varieties of savoury puddings up our sleeves; black pudding, white pudding and red pudding are some of our other favourites with all their unique tastes and recipe abilities! 
One of our alternative favourite ways to have Haggis is in Balmoral Chicken! Slice a chicken breast to make a little parcel, stuffed with haggis and wrapped in bacon, then simply cook it in the oven and serve with potatoes and veg! This dish is so easy to create, yet delicious, to add some extra flavour to the mix top with some whisky sauce made with our Lost Loch Haroosh Whisky Liqueur and there you have it, the perfect Scottish dinner! 

Local Scotch Pork 

Some of our pork is raised a stones throw away from us, being bred on a small family farm in the North East of Scotland at Fotheringham of Sauchentree. Living the life of luxury these free roaming pigs are quality assured and just as big on flavour as they are in size! Pork is full of nutrition and high in protein, it can be a good addition to a healthy diet! Pork can be eaten as chops, steaks or delicious roasts for a Sunday Dinner! 
Our favourite way is to cook pork chops slowly in Caledonian Cider co. Islay Cask, serve with roast vegetables and potatoes. Giving you a delicious sauce to pair with the pork and vegetables! 
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Seafood is something we are lucky to have caught so close to us, all our seafood comes from the local producers of either Amity who are based in Peterhead or Bannermans of Tain, meaning all the catch is sourced from local waters. With a variety of fish and shellfish available to buy online the options for recipes and which fish to choose is hard. We thought to help you out so that we could share an easy tasty recipe and a drink to replace your local fish and chips for one night! 
Pan fried Honey Garlic Salmon Fillet is an easy way to prepare this fish giving you a delicious flavour. Simply fry up some garlic, soy sauce and honey in a pan to create a thick sticky sauce then place your salmon fillet in and cook away for 4 minutes and pop under the grill to crisp up! Serve with stir fried vegetables and rice then wash down with our local Blueberry & Elderflower seltzer from Twisted Sisters! 

Bottom line

The bottom line is no matter how you cook it or what you choose to pair it with Scottish food always has the ability to provide the flavour on your plate. To keep celebrating Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight we will be releasing more delicious recipes and what to wash them down with throughout the weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on our blogs to see if anything takes your fancy! If you want to see more of our delicious Scottish foods then visit our website for more! 

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