Affordable and delicious cuts of meat 

Affordable and delicious cuts of meat 

We know that now, more than ever, our purse strings are getting tighter. That doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on eating delicious dinners with fantastic meat. Now is the time to experiment with the cheaper cuts, that once cooked, are truly delicious. 

Gammon Shanks 

This delicious cut doesn’t only need to be served at Christmas. Gammon shank can be flavoured in many different ways from mustard and orange to sticky cola meaning you can create dozens of tasty meals with it. This cut can be boiled or slow roasted, either will give you a deep meaty flavour. 

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Beef Cheeks  

Don’t be scared by this one. If you cook this meat super slow then it becomes tender and melts in the mouth. Braise with a rich red wine and stock for at least four hours to get an incredible ragu. 

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Whole Chicken 

A whole roast chicken gives you the most value for money. You can get three family meals out of it if used correctly, your big Sunday roast, a leftover chicken pie and even make a soup out of the leftover carcass. 

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Minute Steaks 

It says it in the name really, these steaks cook super quickly! They are thinner steaks so they are perfect for a quick and tasty midweek meal either served fried in garlic butter or you can cut them into strips and add to stir frys. 

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Lemon Sole 

Despite the name this fish doesn’t taste of lemon at all - although you can definitely flavour it this way. You can either pan fry or tray bake with delicious summery veg like leeks and cherry tomatoes.

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