Our partnership with Amity Fish 

Our partnership with Amity Fish 

With one of Scotland’s best-loved Skippers, Jimmy Buchan, at the helm, the Amity Fish Company based just along the coast from us in Peterhead is dedicated to sourcing and supplying the very best Scottish seafood.

With provenance and traceability being at the heart of what Amity does, they were an obvious partner for Aberdeenshire Larder to choose when searching for a seafood partner. With a passion like no other, you can expect only the best time and time again with Amity produce.

Here are some of our favourite products with our amazing partner to get those all needed two portions of fish per week into your diet. 

Haddock fillets 

Versatile, flakey and affordable this is the fillet we all know and love. Pan fry, oven bake, add to a stew there really is so much you can do with this piece. 

Salmon fillets 

High in omega 3, protein and vitamin B salmon is great for your heart and what’s more, its delicious. You can use it as an alternative to a Sunday Roast or soak in miso sauce and have it with an Asian stir fry. 


The ultimate seafood treat and definitely worth spending a bit more money on! This shellfish delicacy can be the perfect starter for an extra special home cooked meal or make a rich pasta perfect for a summer evening. 


If you’re looking for a seafood addition to your BBQ then our langoustines are the perfect solution. Your guests will be delighted when you bring these straight from the grill to the table. 


Juicy and mild this fish pairs perfectly with fresh and lively sauces. The taste is similar to that of lobster so is great to get in if you’re looking for a Friday night treat. 

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